PPE Simulations

Practice Safe PPE

Application and Removal

PPE Simulations revolutionize practicing critical protocols for donning (application) and doffing (removal) of Personal Protective Equipment. 

Healthcare workers practice and develop their PPE skills by coaching an AI Virtual Human Co-worker through the proper protocol steps.  Simulations are fully scalable and convenient. 

PPE Simulations deliver repeatable practice sessions to build healthcare worker competency and confidence.

By leveraging AI Conversational Technology, healthcare workers instruct Virtual Humans through the protocol steps of PPE donning and doffing.

By undertaking this cognitively challenging role of "spotting", the healthcare worker is tested and evaluated on their:

  • The knowledge of the detailed steps for donning and doffing PPE equipment
  • The ability to be a spotter or champion for team members
  • The clarity in which they assess other trained team members
  • Their ability to clearly provide training and support team members
  • Attention to detail when supporting others to don or doff PPE
  • The attitude (emotional intelligence) when supporting other people
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