Practice Simulations for Violence Prevention
in Long Term Care

Elevating Learning through Interactive Simulations

At Immersive Healthcare, we recognize the significance of active engagement and practical application in the learning process. Learners yearn for interactive experiences that enable them to put their knowledge into practice, ensuring competency in delivering essential skills.

We understand that employers seek tangible evidence of skills competency. That's why our Violence Prevention Training Simulations offer a transformative learning approach.

By immersing learners in realistic scenarios, we facilitate active participation and immediate feedback through reflective exercises.

This not only enhances the learning experience but also provides employers with accurate data on the competency and preparedness of their employees.

Immersive Healthcare is committed to revolutionizing training through interactive simulations.

Join us in unlocking the potential of learners and empowering employers with comprehensive insights into skills competency.

Experience the transformative power of our simulations today.

Single De-Escalation Strategies

Active Listening - Pay Attention and Ask Questions

  • Clarify - Rephrase and ask questions to understand concerns
  • Validate - Respectfully acknowledge the other person's concerns
  • Re-direction - Bringing the conversation back to the original topic.
  • Distraction - change the focus of the patient's attention
  • Options - this gives control and responsibility back to the person
  • Paraphrase - repeat in your own words what you heard the person say

Combined De-Escalation Strategies

In these De-Escalation Strategies the learner will  combine of two or more strategies during each patient interaction simulation. 

Simulation Library Coming Soon:

Trainee Simulations & Portal (LMS)
  • 16+ Individual De Escalation simulations
  • 2+ Combined De-Escalation Simulations 
  • Trainee will be required to use multiple de-escalation strategies
  • Performance Portal - Student will review performance results and analytics for self review 
Instructor Portal (LMS)
  • Class and Trainee administration
  • Check completion details
  • Review students performance
Administration Portal (LMS)
  • Instructor and class management system 
Ready to Transform your Training?

Experience the revolutionary impact of AI-driven training simulations on your team's learning outcomes. With Immersive Healthcare, you'll witness an enhanced level of engagement, improved skills competency, and a measurable increase in confidence among your staff or students.

Transform your training paradigm and create a safer, more effective learning environment. Get in touch with us today for a personalized demonstration of our platform's capabilities.

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