Meaningful Practice

We believe that practice builds confidence and that is important in healthcare for empathetic patient care and communication.

Immersive Healthcare Training Simulations provide a more accessible, repeatable practice environment for students and workers, we provide a safer and more focused learning experience.  These training simulations leverage smart AI technology and can be delivered in either VR or WebXR.

Our Company

Immersive Health simulations are proudly developed by Virtro Technology Inc. delivering practice simulations in Virtual Reality(VR) and WebXR. Virtro‚Äôs solutions foster engagement through open dialogue with Virtual Humans.

This delivers faster and more focused learning with higher retention rates of information and replicable skills. Virtro is a female-led, socially conscious, diverse and inclusive technology company.

Our Technology

The Immersive Healthcare platform leverages proprietary, leading-edge VR and AI technology to deliver engaging practice simulations. 

 Virtual Humans (AI characters) are powered by Argo5, our proprietary platform.  Virtual Humans are trained to have content-focused conversations as a part of the training simulations.

Training Simulations

Our training simulations redefine the learning experience for healthcare professionals. By harnessing the power of VR, WebXR, AI technology and analytics, we create immersive environments that replicate real-life scenarios. 

Our simulations offer a risk-free space for healthcare teams to practice and refine their skills, with Virtual Humans serving as co-workers and patients.

These realistic interactions enable contextual conversations, enhancing participants' decision-making abilities and fostering effective communication.

Through our simulations, healthcare professionals gain invaluable hands-on experience and the confidence to excel in challenging situations.

Improve your teams learning outcomes