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Welcome to Immersive Healthcare, your trusted partner in AI-enabled medical training simulations. We deliver cutting-edge training modules, utilizing virtual humans to create immersive, context-driven scenarios for optimal learning experiences.


Our commitment lies in ensuring safe, risk-free learning environments that offer irreplaceable practice opportunities to healthcare professionals and students.

 Utilizing the power of AI analytics, we provide objective, evidence-based assessments to improve skills and communication competency, offering crucial performance data for administrators.

Our Advantages

Personalized Learning: Benefit from our self-paced, convenient learning modules.

Safety First:
Our risk-free environments allow learners to apply theory without fear.

Conversational Skills:
Enhance critical communication through our simulations.

Repetition is Key: Sharpen your skills through repeated practice.

Self-Directed Practice: Learn at your own pace and review as needed.

Performance Analytics: Focus on areas of improvement with our advanced analytics.

Why Choose Immersive Healthcare?

Our interactive simulations allow learners to practice various aspects such as clinical procedures, PPE protocols, clinical reasoning, decision-making, communication skills, and de-escalation procedures, fostering competency and confidence.

Interactive simulations boost learner engagement in contextual and repeatable practice simulations to develop competency and confidence.

Discover the future of healthcare training through our WebXR and VR solutions, meticulously designed to fulfill the requirements of modern healthcare.

Experience the Impact of Virtual Coworkers & Patients

Our AI-enabled virtual coworkers and patients not only boost trainee engagement but also enhance the realism of the experience, expanding simulation opportunities.

Research has demonstrated that engaging contextual learning simulations transfer to skills competency in a clinical setting.

Conversation enabled AI Virtual co-workers and patients:

  • exponentially increases trainee engagement
  • dramatically increases the realism of the experience
  • expands practice simulations opportunities  

Step into the new era of healthcare training today.

Performance Analytics

Our performance analytics provide detailed competency assessments in clinical practice and communication skills. Progress tracking and detailed analytics facilitate personalized coaching and support for learners and provide valuable evaluation metrics for instructors and organizations.

Progress is tracked throughout each simulation and delivered to:

  • Participants through their Performance Portal
  • Instructors, trainers or mentors though Class Portals
  • Agency, Center or Healthcare organizations

Detailed analytics facilitate:

  • personalized coaching and support to participants
  • Training evaluations metrics to instructors, and organizations

Proof is in the Numbers: The Benefits of Immersive Learning


increase in confidence post-training


faster compared to classroom training


more connection to the content compared to classroom learners


more focused than classroom learners

PPE Training Simulations

"Immersive Healthcare (Virtro) provided an accessible remote platform to allow our aged care workers to practice donning and doffing PPE and infection control principles safely, as frequently as needed, to support a resilient workforce against coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks."

Professor Debra Griffiths

Head of Nursing and Midwifery

Monash University

Department of Health and Humans Services, Victoria, Australia

PPE Training simulations were deployed to all Residential Aged Care Centres in country Victoria during COVID.  These immersive and highly practical practice sessions facilitated complete Donning and Doffing practice for all healthcare workers without the need to send training teams or use valuable masks and other PPE equipment. 

Department of Health & Human Services

Victoria Australia

Why Immersive Healthcare?

Efficient Learning

Evidence-based simulation design ensures standardized, objective learning.


Practice anytime, anywhere, with VR or WebXR, offering increased flexibility.

High Engagement

Our immersive learning approach increases class and elearning retention rates.  

Reduces Stress

Minimize anxiety through repeatable, relevant practice.

Multiple Platforms:

Engage with our immersive simulations through Virtual Reality (VR) using a Meta Quest or WebXR on your computer, laptop, or Chromebook.

Immerse in the future of healthcare training now.

Clients Include

Ready to Transform your Training?

Experience the revolutionary impact of AI-driven training simulations on your team's learning outcomes. With Immersive Healthcare, you'll witness an enhanced level of engagement, improved skills competency, and a measurable increase in confidence among your staff or students.

Transform your training paradigm and create a safer, more effective learning environment. Get in touch with us today for a personalized demonstration of our platform's capabilities.

Don't wait to innovate. Make the leap into the future of healthcare training now.

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